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Are you ready for Christmas?

(Pastor's Corner, SSPX District of the US)

Dear Friends,

As you know, the date of my birthday is fast approaching. Each year, there is a huge celebration in my honor and I think it will take place again this year. During that time, everyone goes shopping, buys gifts, with much publicity on the radio and the streets, it reaches a high pitch crescendo until the birthday itself. It is wonderful to know that, at least once a year, some people think of me.

And yet, I notice that as time goes on, those very people who seemed to understand and be grateful for all I have done for them are now forgetful of the reason of this feast. Whole families and their friends gather to have fun although they have no notion of the meaning of this reunion.

I remember last year, a huge banquet was celebrated in my honor. The dining room table was replete with sumptuous dishes, cakes, fruits and chocolate. The decoration was superb and there were many fancy covered gifts. And you know what? I was not invited...

Theoretically I was the guest of honor, but no one remembered me and they forgot to send me an invitation. The feast was to celebrate my birthday, but when the great day arrived, they shut the door to my face, although I only wanted to be with them and share their table. In fact, I was not too shocked at this behavior since, for the last years, all doors have been shut before me.

As I had not been invited, I decided I would come in without being noticed. I sat silently in a corner and watched things evolving. Everybody was drinking, joking around, laughing at anything. They did enjoy a good time. To finish it off, this big man showed up with a white beard, draped with a long red cope. He pompously sat on the ornate armchair and had all children come round him, crying: "Santa Claus! It's Santa Claus!" as if he had been the center of the whole feast!

By midnight, they had all embraced each other; I opened my arms and waited for someone to come and hug me. Well... No one came even close to me. Suddenly, they started to exchange gifts. They opened them with the greatest excitement. When all had been unpacked, I looked around to see whether there was one left for me. What would you have felt if, on your birthday, everyone was exchanging gifts and left you with empty hands!

I realized I was not welcomed that night and I left in the silence of the dark. Each year things are getting worse. People remember only what they ate and drank, the gifts they received and offered, and no one thinks of me anymore.

I would like that, for this Christmas celebration, you had a little place for me in your life. I'd wish that you remember that, over 2000 years ago, I came to earth so as to give my life for men, and to save all of you. Today I only wish that you believe these truths with all your soul.

As most Christians did not invite me to their festivities last year, this time, I am going to organize my own feast and I hope that you'll be joining me in large numbers. One good way to reply to the invitation is that you send this very message to those persons you are in contact with. I shall be eternally grateful to you.

(signed) Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary