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First Sunday of Advent

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
3rd December 2017

Adam and Eve and the Nature of Men by St. Ambrose

"And God took the man whom He has created and placed him in the Garden of Eden to till it and keep it."


Note, the person who was taken and the land where he was formed. The virtue of God, therefore, took man and breathed into him, so that man's virtue will advance and increase. God set him apart in Paradise that you may know that man was taken up, that is to say, was breathed upon by the power of God. Note the fact that man was created outside Paradise, whereas woman was made within it.


This teaches us that each person acquires grace by reason of virtue, not because of place of birth or of race. Hence, although created outside Paradise, that is, in an inferior place, man is found to be superior, whereas woman, created in a better place, that is to say, in Paradise, is found to be inferior. She was first to be deceived and was responsible for deceiving the man. Wherefore the Apostle Paul has related that holy women have in olden times been subject to the stronger vessel and recommends them to obey their husbands as their masters. And Paul says: "Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and was in sin".


This is a warning that no one ought to rely on himself, for she who was made for assistance needs the protection of a man. The head of the woman is man, who, while he believed that he would have the assistance of his wife, fell because of her. Wherefore, no one ought to entrust himself lightly to another unless he has first put that person's virtue to the test. Neither should he claim for himself in the role of protector one whom he believes is subservient to him. Rather, a person should share his grace with another. Especially is this true of one who is in the position of greater strength and one who plays the part of protector. We have advice of the Apostle Peter, wherein he recommends that husbands pay honour to their wives: "Husbands, in like manner, dwell with your wives considerately, paying honour to the woman as to the weaker vessel and as co-heir of the grace of life that your prayers be not hindered".


Therefore man was placed in Paradise, while the woman was created in Paradise. The woman, even before she was deceived by the serpent, shared grace with a man, since she was taken from a man. Yet "this is a great mystery", as the Apostle said. Wherefore he traced the source of life from it. And so Scripture refers only to man in the words: "He placed him in the Garden of Eden to till it and keep it". The act of tilling and the act of keeping are one and the same thing. In tilling there is a certain exercise of man's virtue, while in keeping it is understood that the work is accomplished, for protection implies something completed. These two acts are required of man.