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Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
30th July 2017

The Glory of Heaven by St. Anthony Mary Claret

Jesus wants us to think about Heaven. He tells us "Where your treasure is, there your heart is". If we do not think about, and meditate on Heaven, how will we ever treasure it, since we do not see it now except with eyes of faith?


With the gaze of my imagination I will picture a city of beauty, of joy, of brilliance - the capital of the Supreme King, who is seated on a throne of unspeakable majesty, attended by Angels and Saints. In spirit I see many of my patron Saints who beckon me to become their fellow citizen and a member of God's household. How lovely and peaceful is this city! How lovable, how blessed are its inhabitants! How fortunate I will be if I finally arrive in their company!


My Lord and God, grant me light to see and know the great value of heavenly glory, and give me grace to be one of the just on Earth throughout my life, so that hereafter I may be one of the Saints in Heaven.


What is Heaven like?


If somewhere in the world there were a city where squares, streets and buildings were made of precious stone, of silver and of purest gold; if all its inhabitants were very rich and noble, very kind, agreeable and courteous; if, furthermore, this city were governed by a king who was a man of peace and of virtue, fond of doing good and who truly brought happiness to all who wanted to go live in his fellowship - how quick would men not be to journey to that blessed city? Would they not be hastening from the farthest parts of the world to enrol under his banner? Knowing he would become rich, honoured, and well-blessed, would anyone hold back so as not to suffer the little trouble of travel?


My soul, with a little trouble during this life, you can become a citizen of the city of God, the city of heavenly glory. You can dwell in endless peace amid all that is good. What has God failed to provide in Heaven for those who dwell there? If on Earth He has made such beautiful things, what would He not provide in the heavenly Jerusalem for His citizen-subjects?


If I were to say that this eternal city is paved with finest silver and purest gold, I would be saying nothing. If I said that this blessed Sion were constructed with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, I would say nothing. If I said that in that blessed country rivers flowed with milk and honey, that it has the most delightful flowers and gardens, that one finds tasty and rich fruits of every kind, I would say nothing.


O Paradise! You are the masterpiece of things produced by the magnificence of an all-powerful God. You are the price of the Blood of an infinitely kind and generous Saviour. You have the best of all good things, to the exclusion of all that is bad. O Paradise, in you is found a river of delights into which the person who has been saved is plunged. In you is found light, glory, gleaming splendour that causes darkness to flee. O divine tabernacles! When will I come to possess you? O Heaven! When will I leave this valley of tears to enjoy your delights?


All my senses and faculties direct themselves to thee, assured as I am that in possessing thee, I would find the fulfilment of all my desires. Might I be deceived? No. Faith and reason assure us that God made man to be perfectly happy. As he does not find this perfect happiness on Earth, faith, and reason as well, teach me that Heaven is the place assigned by God to fill every void of the human heart.