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Passion Sunday

Thoughts for the Week  -  Fr R Taouk 
2nd April 2017

The Perfect Character of Christ by Cardinal Angel Herrera Oria

1.  Prudent when faced with danger and also serene in it:  Prudent, because He lived far from Jerusalem, since the Jews sought to kill Him. When He does go it is not from motives of vanity. The advice given Him by His relatives is: This is no place for Thee, go to Judea; so that Thy disciples also may see Thy doings (John 7:3). Once He has decided that the time has come He goes to Jerusalem, but His prudence leads Him to enter the city in secret. But once the moment had come for Him to fulfil His obligation He preaches in the Temple - the most public place of all. And, in spite of the danger, which He knew was there all the time, that they would stone Him, He makes the most open proclamations concerning His Divinity. The two chapters are a demonstration of His imperturbability in the face of danger.
2. Immovable before public opinion:  He does not despise the common people, nor their ideas. He accommodates Himself to them many times in His methods of preaching; while He tries to correct them at times if they are evil or erroneous. This is seen throughout the whole Gospel. But when it is a question of doing something which is absolutely necessary for His mission:  He is not moved by the opinion of His relatives; He awaits His hour; He takes no notice of the comments of the people: Some said, He is a good man; No, said others, He leads the multitude astray. Jesus appears when He thinks fit and talks about that which He knows He must talk about; the opinions of powerful men leave Him cold and make no difference to His attitude: Even though He knew that they wanted to kill Him.
3. Intransigent in His principles:  Surrounded by enemies, even then He will not compromise with those few who followed Him. To belong to Him friendship is not enough, nor mere enthusiasm. It is necessary to admit constantly all His teaching: And now Jesus said to those among the Jews who believed in Him, if you continue faithful to My word, you are My disciples in earnest.
4. Truthful:  The cause of this intransigence is His truthfulness. Christ is truthful because He only speaks the truth and that, in His Father's name. Because He insists on it in spite of the powerful, dangerous and decided opposition.
5. Despiser of vain glory:  He speaks the truth about Himself: When He has to because of His teaching (before Abraham, etc.); or to defend His mission (I am not possessed). Yet, He does not make a move from vanity (the advice of his relatives); nor does He seek earthly glory.
6. Delicate and charitable:  Christ never appears as a hard man or rough; in spite of these qualities.