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Feast of Christ the King

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
30th October 201

How Christ is to Reign Through Us by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

To follow Our Lord Jesus Christ, to imitate Him, to "put Him on", is no small thing, especially in our modern world, especially in the present time. The present time cries out for heroes, at a time when everything seems to be vanishing in the structure of society, and even in the structure of the Church. This is no time for tepid souls, for souls who give themselves in the face of the troubles or doubts which are circulating all over the world, even on the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, even throughout the Catholic Church. Those who believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ by His Cross has given the solution to all the problems of our life, even personal problems.

Hence the Crucifix will be your model, the source of your Faith, to which your glance shall be directed, but it will also be for you the source of your apostolate. The more the world sinks into this dung-heap of vice and disorder, doubting and abandoning the Truth, the more do the noble-hearted need light, charity, and order. 

Know, that just as Our Lord Jesus Christ is the solution to all problems, the priest also, who is another Christ, must also be the solution to all problems. I make no exception, even for economic problems, even social problems; all problems must be resolved by Our Lord Jesus Christ. And if today these economic and social problems seem insoluble, it is because they have lost the true solution which is Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Crucifix has been suppressed everywhere, it has been driven from the public places, from schools, from courts, from public buildings, from the hearts of children, from houses. The Crucifix is no longer present and that is why they are no longer able to solve these problems.

I will give you a single example: The economic and social problems would be resolved if the virtue of temperance - perhaps even more so than the virtue of justice - would be practiced by everybody. Now does not Our Lord Jesus Christ on His Cross preach to us the virtue of temperance, contempt for the things of the world? Temperance is simply moderation in all things, in everything which must be used here below. Thus if everybody practiced temperance, the problems concerning questions of justice would be quickly resolved. But because they no longer want to practice the virtue of temperance, because everybody is looking for more goods, always for more enjoyment at whatever price, they no longer think of the spirit of penance, of moderation in using the goods of this world; hence jealousy and envy arise in the hearts of men, and fighting spreads all over the world. Just as those who possess these goods could understand that they too must use the goods of this world with moderation, they could be more generous with the "have-nots" - here is an example to show you how Our Lord Jesus Christ by the example of His Cross, by the example of His Blood which was shed - can and must be the solution to all problems.

Well, you will be the ones to preach Our Lord Jesus Christ. You will bring with you the true solution to all the problems of this world. Thus the honour of God will be saved. The glory of God will spread throughout the world, and thus souls will be converted to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Then you will truly be "the light of the world".