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Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
9th October 2016

Resisting Temptation by Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey S.S., D.D.

Serious temptations to sin must be fought Promptly, Energetically, Perseveringly, and Humbly.

1.   Promptly

Without parleying with the enemy, without any hesitation. At the outset the temptation is repelled easily enough, for it has not yet gained a foothold in the soul; if we wait until it has gained entry, the repulse will prove far more difficult. Hence, let there be no debate. Let us associate the idea of illicit pleasure with all that is repelling, with the serpent, with a traitor that wishes to ensnare us. We effect this flight by prayer and by turning our minds to something else.

2.   Energetically

Not indolently and with regret, this would be like inviting the temptation to return, but with determination and vigour, showing the horror in which such a proposal is held: "Get behind me, Satan". There are, however, different tactics to be employed, according to the kind of temptations that assail us: If it is question of those temptations to alluring pleasures, we must turn away from them and take to flight by concentrating our attention on any other matter calculated to engage our faculties. Direct resistance in such instances generally increases the danger. If it be a question of temptations of aversion towards duty, of antipathy, hatred, human respect, the better course often lies in facing the difficulty squarely and honestly, and in having recourse to the principles of Christian faith in order to overcome it.

3.  Perseveringly

For at times after having been routed, temptation returns with renewed obstinacy, and the devil brings with him from the desert seven other spirits worse than himself. Equal tenacity, and not less, must be matched against this persistence of the enemies of our soul; he that fights unto the end, overcomes. To be all the more assured of victory we should make the temptation known to our spiritual director.

4.   Humbly

Humility attracts grace, and grace gives us the victory. The Devil who sinned by pride, flees before a sincere act of humility; and the threefold concupiscence, that holds its power from pride, is easily overcome when by humility we have, so to speak, laid its head low.

Taken from The Spiritual Life.