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Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
25th September 2016

"Say Nothing, Think Nothing, Desire Nothing" - St. John of the Cross

Fr. Bruno Hagspiel S.V.D.
 Part 2

Think Nothing:

1. No matter how suspicious the circumstances appear, if it is not your business, avert your mind and refrain from passing judgment even mentally.
2. If you hear the faults of others discussed, do not let the poison soak into your mind. It may be all pure gossip without foundation. For your part think nothing.
3. When you have done a good action, do not let your mind rest on it. Think nothing of it.
4. When others praise you, laugh it off. Think nothing of the praise.
5. When others betray your confidence and perhaps get you into trouble - think nothing.
6. When so-called friends on whom you have lavished kindness desert you - think nothing.
7. When you are despised, cast aside as worthless, ignored, shelved after the devoted labour of a lifetime, remember your Lord and Master was sold for thirty pieces of silver … Think of that and of naught else. Who are you that you should be prized more?
Desire Nothing:
1. Count all this world’s goods as dross. They cannot bring happiness and content, and they generally harden the heart.
2. The only free man is the one who desires nothing. Let your prayer be: "Give me only Thy love and Thy grace. Having these, I have sufficient and nothing more do I ask".
3. Do not desire riches which buy only material things. All the really valuable things of life, such as love, friendship, happiness, contentment, are unpurchasable. A rich man is a man who desires things, who has not poverty of spirit.
4. Neither desire that the hearts of others should be wrapped up in you, that esteem and honour should be yours, poor "mouthbreathe" which satisfies no one.
5. Do not desire health or sickness, a long life or a short one, prosperity or adversity. Leave yourself completely in the hands of God, Who knows what will bring you to Heaven. Desire only to do His holy Will, the end for which He placed you on this Earth.