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Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
18th September 2016

"Say Nothing, Think Nothing, Desire Nothing" - St. John of the Cross

Fr. Bruno Hagspiel S.V.D.

Say Nothing:

1. Let it pass, that insolent word. Do not retaliate. Remember Jesus, when taunted and mocked in the house of Herod, was silent. Imitate His heroic silence, His divine restraint. By so doing you will make giant strides in virtue. After all, it is easy to give back taunt for taunt, sneer for sneer, cut for cut. Anyone can do that. But to curb the tongue that is longing to lash out - that means manly sanctity. You have perhaps the power to inflict a wound far deeper than the one you got, but leave him to God, who knows the provocation you have received and who has said "I will repay". If he is worth anything, he will recognise your virtuous silence and respect you - perhaps it will be the means of converting him. If he is not worth anything, why be troubled about his lack of charity?
2. Do not join in the uncharitable gossip. If you cannot put in a good word for the person criticised, say nothing. Your very silence will act as a rebuke. Be the one not to cast a stone. How do you know what trials he has to bear? How do you know how much and how often he has resisted temptation? Above all, how do you know if a word of gossip be true at all? You surely have been a witness to cases where the original story was so altered that it became unrecognisable. Any story that has gone through two tellings should be suspected.
3. If your word is depreciated, undervalued or the credit of it passed on to another. If this is done to you unintentionally, it will be a good act of self-denial to let the occasion pass in silence; if done to you maliciously, why give others the gratification of seeing they have wounded you. Small minds glory in it.
4. When misunderstood, judged rashly, blamed wrongly, even slandered - say nothing. God will clear you. When you see others flattering those in power, throwing out their poor bait to catch favour - say nothing.
5. When weary and in pain, bear it silently for the love of God and say nothing.