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Last Sunday after Pentecost

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
22nd November 2015

Confidence in God in All Our Ways by The Shepherd of Hermas

Cast from you all doubt and do not hesitate to ask anything of God, thinking within yourself: How can I dare to ask something from God when I have been guilty of so many sins? Do not dwell on that thought; be converted in your heart to the Lord and ask things of him without doubting, then you will learn his mercy and that he will not abandon you but will fulfil the desires of your heart.

God is not like men, who remember always the offences; on the contrary, he forgets them and has pity on his creatures. If you still retain any doubt in your heart, then you will not be heard, because those who doubt God have a twisted heart and will never see their petitions answered. On the other hand, those of perfect faith ask with confidence and see their petitions granted. Leave aside all sadness, because it is the brother of doubt and anger.

Sadness is the worst of the devils, it delivers a man to perdition and casts out the Holy Spirit more easily than any other devil. Be clothed in joy, which is always agreeable to God and rejoice in it. The cheerful man feels and does good, despising sadness. On the other hand the sad man works evil; first of all because he saddens the Holy Spirit, which was given to man for his joy; secondly because in saddening him and in not praying to or confessing the Lord, he is guilty of a grave evil. The prayer of the sad man lacks strength enough to ascend to the altar of God. Why? Because sadness lies heavy on the heart and mixes with our prayer, not allowing it to ascend clean to God. Just as oil mixed with vinegar loses its softness, so the spirit, if mingled with sadness, has not the same power in prayer. Free yourself from sadness and you will live for God.

Lord God, these Commandments are all so grand and beautiful, but I know not if there be anyone capable of fulfilling them, because they are difficult. He answered me: If you convince yourself that you can keep them, then you will do so without difficulty and they will not seem hard to you; but if you begin to think that no man can keep them then you will not do so. Then, seeing me confused and worried, he began to speak to me saying: Foolish and stupid man of doubts, do you not understand that the goodness and greatness of the glory of God made the world for man and subjected to him every creature, giving him the lordship over everything under Heaven? If, then, man is the lord and master of all creation, can he not be so over these Commandments? He who has God in his heart can be superior to any of these commands. He who is hard of heart and has God on his lips but lives far from him, he will find them hard and impossible. Set God up in your hearts then you who are weak and feeble in faith will understand that there is nothing so easy as these commands. The devil has no power over the hearts of the servants of the Lord, who hope in Him with all their hearts.