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Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
12th July 2015

Training of the Christian Soldier by Rev. Clarence E. Elwell, Ph.D

We shall never be able to control ourselves until we learn to control our outward senses, because everything we learn comes through our senses. If the eyes are allowed to look at everything they wish to see, they will often draw one to impurity, covetousness, envy, pride, gluttony, and other sins. The Christian soldier gains strength to control his eyes when they want to look at forbidden things by forming the habit of refusing to look even at things which are permissible, especially out of mere curiosity.

Have you ever tried passing an attractive show window without looking? Are you able to close a book when your mother calls, even though you are right at the exciting part? How often do you yield to a curious: Who is it? when someone comes into the library, the study hall, or your home? How many catalogues and sites have engaged you with tantalising headlines? Make a list of practical opportunities to exercise this custody of the eyes. It is one of the secrets of sanctity and of interior happiness.

The ears should not be allowed to listen to everything. The Christian who is in earnest about his quest for happiness will sometimes refuse to listen, especially when mere curiosity is the motive. Such acts of self-denial build up strength to refuse to listen to uncharitable talk or improper language. Gossip and calumnies are spread to eager ears: How often do you encourage others to these sins by giving audience? What about music and radio news that sensationalise inappropriate behaviours? How many opportunities can you list for checking curiosity of the ears?

Not only the eyes and the ears, but the sense of smell also is to be restrained. If perfume is used, it should be used with Christian moderation. Certainly its excessive use is a sign of un-Christian softness and sensuousness.

There are abundant opportunities to exercise discipline over our tongues both as to speech and as to the sense of taste. See how many instances you can enumerate where control of speech is in order. As for food, too much, too rich, or too highly seasoned foods weaken control of our senses. Do you practice any little acts of self-discipline or mortification at table? Do you sometimes eat at least a little of something you do not like? Do you sometimes take a little less of something you like very much? Are you able to give up the second piece of cake or pie? Do you sometimes refuse yourself candy? Did you ever try the experiment of walking past an enticing candy display without buying any, even though you desired it and had money in your pocket which you were free to spend? Did you ever give the money as an alms to the missions or to the poor for the love of Christ?