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Third Sunday after Easter

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
26th April 2015

 Why Do We Bless Our Meals?

Besides the rendering of thanks, the blessing over food has been understood since ancient times as a sort of exorcism. In Patristic thought, the entire world is under the power of the evil one unless and until it is brought under the Kingship of Christ by the triumph of the Gospel (John 14:30). When mankind fell, creation also fell, and man abdicated his government over creation to Satan, who rules everywhere men are ignorant of the Gospel.

This means that not only must men be redeemed and re-purposed for Christ, but so must creation itself. This is why, in the Traditional Rite of Baptism, the salt and water must both be exorcised before they can be blessed and used in the sacrament. Because "the whole world is under the sway of the evil one" (1 John 5:19), things taken out of that world ought to be prayed over before being put to use. Hence the reason for blessings, consecrations, etc. In the Life of St. Columba, the great Apostle of Scotland, penned by St. Adamnan we read:

At another time, a certain youth, named Columban, grandson of Brian, came forward hurriedly, and stopped at the door of the little cell in which the blessed man (Columba) was writing. This same person, being on his way home from the milking of the cows, and carrying on his back a vessel full of new milk, asked the Saint to bless his burden, as he usually did. Then the Saint, being at the time at some distance away in front of him, raised his hand, and formed the saving sign in the air, which at once was greatly agitated; the bar, which fastened the lid of the pail, being pushed back through the two openings that received it, was shot away to a great distance, while the lid fell to the earth, and the greater part of the milk was spilled upon the ground. The young lad then laid down the vessel, with the little milk that remained, on its bottom on the ground, and kneeled down in prayer. The Saint said to him, "Rise up, Columban, for you have acted negligently in your work today, inasmuch as you did not banish the demon that lurked in the bottom of the empty vessel by forming on it the sign of the cross of our Lord before the milk was poured into it; and now, as you see, being unable to bear the power of that sign, he has quickly fled in terror, troubled the whole vessel in every corner, and spilled the milk. Bring the vessel, then, nearer to me here that I may bless it". This being done, the half-empty pail, which the Saint had blessed, was found the same instant, filled by divine agency; and the little that had previously remained in the bottom was at once increased under the blessing of his holy hand, so as to fill it to the brim. (St. Adamnan, Life of St. Columba, Book II:15.)

Therefore, when we pray before our meals, let us give thanks to God, and invoking His most powerful name, implore Him to put the demons to flight, that the food which the earth has yielded might be utilised to the glory of God and our sanctification.