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Third Sunday after Easter

Thoughts for the Week - Fr R Taouk 
11th May 2014

St. Vincent Ferrer on The Price the Good Shepherd Paid for Our Souls

I say first that Christ as the good shepherd buys his sheep at a great price, namely by the price of his blood. He does not get them by stealth or stealing, or by deception, but he buys them for a just price and then some. The Reason why he gives such a precious price, is the incomparable value of a soul, because no bodily creature is comparable in value to the soul. Hence, on the scale of divine justice, which is just and fair, if on one side is placed all bodily creatures, namely gold and silver, pearls and elements, sun, moon and all the stars, and on the other side one rational soul, the rational soul would weigh more in value than all the creatures. He profits little who loses his soul. If therefore for the redemption of one soul the whole world does not suffice, how much more for all souls? Therefore there was no price sufficient but the blood of Christ, of infinite value, because of its union with divinity.

Adam sold himself and all of mankind for the price of one apple, although he was not bound of which he was to the species, and he himself had been made captive to the devil, his wife and consequently all his children. Thus Adam and Eve consenting to sin handed themselves over to the devil. If therefore the slaves beget children, the children are also slaves. But Christ comes, the best merchant from heaven to earth, knowing the value of souls, and he gives not an apple, nor gold, etc., but only his precious blood of inestimable value, which redeems us.

Now think how many drops of blood Christ shed for us. First, while yet a baby in his circumcision. In the first drop he redeemed us. Second, on the night of his passion how many drops of blood did he shed. Third, when he was led off to the house of Pilate. Fourth, when he was crowned with thorns, his whole head flowed blood. Fifth, when he was crucified in hands and feet, how many drops of blood were falling on the head of the Virgin Mary. Also how many tears, how many drops of sweat, how many labours when he would go preaching.

Thus he does not say you have been bought, but you have been redeemed, that is bought many times over. Here one can ponder if the soul is of such great value, and Christ has paid such a price, how everyone ought to value his own soul. How is that man worthy of great reprehension who for some mundane usefulness, or for gaining some earthly good gives his soul to the devil by sinning mortally, because then the soul is sold to the devil for a cheap price of pride or avarice, and so for the other sins. Then the soul already purchased by Christ, you give away for such a vile price.

'O Lord, You have redeemed us in Your Precious Blood!'